Renewable Energy Solutions

All our Met Masts and Towers are designed to the latest Eurocodes and IEC Standards. All structures are certified in accordance with EN 1090-1:2009 CE marking requirements.

Wind Resource Assessment

Power Curve Measurments

Solar Resource Assessment

Wind Measurement Structures ranging from 2m – 140m

Temporary Met Masts
Permanent Towers
Guyed Lattice Met Masts
Guyed Tubular Met Masts

Data Measurement Instruments


Ultrasonic Sensors

Wind Vanes

Temperature / Humidity Sensors

Pressure Sensors

Precipitation / Rain Sensors

Solar Irradiance Sensors

Remote Sensing Devices

Lidars / Sodars

Data Logging, Power and Communication Systems

Data Loggers,

Logger Enclosures

Communication Systems

Autonomous Power Systems

Accessories and Ancillaries

Aviation Lights

Instrument Support Booms

Access Ladders

Perimeter Fencing

Ground Anchors

Guy wires

Fall Arrest Systems

BFDs – Bird Flight Diverters

Aircraft Warning Lights